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In the second quarter (Q2) of 2018, a total of 17,338 properties in Spain were purchased by a non-Spaniard, representing a rise of 11%, according to the latest report by the Association of Spanish Land Registrars.

In Q2, a total of 134,196 properties were sold across the country, compared with 119,408 units the previous quarter and 128,990 units in Q2 of 2017.


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The Spanish property recovery is being supported by a rise in both foreign and local demand; in Q2, growth in local demand overtook the foreign market, rising by 12.6%. Q2 figures for the past five years show that foreign purchases have accounted for 13% of the market share, a slight increase from the 11% in Q2 2013.


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British buyers were once again the largest group of foreign buyers in Q2 2018, making up 15% of the foreign market with 2,590 property purchases – almost double the number of sales by the second largest foreign group, France (1,315) and Germany (1,221).

Although the French are still buying Spanish property, sales were down 8%, while sales to Irish buyers rose by 47%, reports property expert Mark Stucklin at Spanish Property Insight.  Despite uncertainties, Brexit has not deterred British buyers from purchasing Spanish property – they have dominated the foreign market for the past five years.


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Information sourced from: Spanish Property Insight

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