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Between April and June 2015 house prices in Spain rose by 4.1%, compared with the same period last year, reveals data from the European Commission statistical agency Eurostat.

The most significant quarterly increases in property prices in the EU were in Cyprus, where prices rose by 7.4% and Austria 6.4%.

Spain tied in third place with Denmark, both registering property price increases of 4.1%. The steepest decline was in Romania where prices dropped by 1.1%; Malta and Italy also saw price reduction of 0.3% and 0.1% retrospectively, according to Eurostat.

The greatest year-on-year increases in European property prices were seen in Sweden where prices rose by 13%. Hungary had increases of 11.9%, Ireland 10.7% and Estonia 10.5%.

Meanwhile Latvian house prices decreased by 4.4%, Italy 3% and France saw prices drop by 2.2%.

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