Free tourist insurance for all foreign travelers

20/05/2021 by Gary Francis

Free tourist insurance

Free tourist insurance for all foreign travellers

The Andalusian Ministry of Tourism has launched an initiative to promote Andalusian tourism to international travelers with the objective of guaranteeing that visits to the region include any required healthcare and maximum safety conditions.

Andalusia is making free tourist insurance available to all foreign travelers, non-resident in Spain, regardless of age and with coverage in case of contracting COVID-19, which can be used by any tourists visiting Andalusia during 2021.

Coverage of this free tourist insurance includes medical, surgical and hospital expenses, transportation costs from your accommodation to the health center and back, repatriation by aircraft, if the situation so requires (for European citizens or from Mediterranean coastal countries), both for the patient with COVID-19 and their companions, as well as repatriation and all the necessary paperwork due to death by COVID-19.

Ultimately, this insurance for international travelers, who are not resident in Spain, guarantees the extension of their stay in case it is necessary to quarantine or to recover after being hospitalised.


Free tourist insurance


If all the requirements defined in the policy are met, any tourist can use the insurance automatic call and without the need to take it out beforehand. Simply call this number +34 915 149 841 and quote the policy number 45G, your full name, your contact telephone number and the place where you are, as well as informing them about what happened and the type of assistance you need.

If you would like to know more information about the conditions and scope of the insurance coverage, you can read more here.

Free tourist insurance


Private Property has welcomed this great initiative of free tourist insurance from the Ministry of Tourism, and we can inform our clients that all of our tourist or short term rental properties are registered and regulated and so making this Andalusian international free travel insurance available while staying at our properties. This is of course in addition to complying with all current sanitary measures to avoid contagion with the aim of guaranteeing a safe and quiet stay. View our short term holiday rentals here